Diana Vreeland photo: Cecil Beaton

The combination of seeing Team GB adorned with Olympic medals (so proud!) and a mini-heatwave has got me thinking about summer accessorizing. Long beaded necklaces with tassels and pendants are everywhere, and this kind of thing looks fab over a dress, vest, tunic top or cotton open-necked shirt. Make like an Olympic champion and sling one on this summer. Or do a Diana Vreeland and layer-up the lariats.

4 thoughts on “Sling on a pendant necklace this summer

    Just yesterday I was looking at my FATHER’s baby rattle thinking this would make a good necklace………
    I need to be certain to tell THE SONS this silver stick in with my eyeliner pencils is a FAMILY HEIRLOOM!
    What better way then to wear it SO I can TELL THE STORY!!!!!!!
    I have been sent D.V. book on MEMO’s and TOLD I am SO LIKE HER!

  2. I like pendants , not least because they give that slimming V effect . My favorite is a beautiful large agate pebble I found in a sea cave in Cornwall years ago . It sat on a side table in our sitting room for twenty years until I found a jeweller in the far north of Scotland who could do it justice . She designed a heavy silver setting which wraps along the front of the stone echoing the lines it has , so clever – & unique too .

  3. I can’t step out the door without a) lippy, b) earrings, c) pendant. I’ve just bought a Sarah Jordan “Lumaia” silver pendent as an early birthday present to myself. Her work is flowing organic shapes. She just won a Welsh Gold award as she works in Wales.

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