Snazzy boots, a new style column and the business of blogging

— by Alyson Walsh

Snazzy boots and not-so-basic-basics. Photo: Claire Pepper

Brightening up the winter bleakness with some good news. Double good news: a new gig and new showbiz boots. Hashtag, winning. As of 23 February 2020, I’ll be covering the Weekend Style column in the Sunday Telegraph while the regular columnist is on maternity leave. Initially, I was a bit concerned about the extra workload (keeping That’s Not My Age going has become a full-on, full-time job) but then I had a word with myself – and a look at my bank balance – and realised that I’d be crazy to miss such a fantastic opportunity. Helping to increase the visibility of older women on another platform, bring it on. The column appears in the ‘Sunday’ section of the newspaper and will feature yours truly wearing a different outfit or item each week. The plan is to continue to champion considerate consumption, not feature too many head-to-toe new outfits and to include some of my own clothes. That’s Not My Age will carry on as usual, and I will probably share some of the Telegraph outfits and an edit of the copy. I just need to get organised and get into my new routine. The podcast will take a short sabbatical – though I have already drawn up a list of dream guests for the next series and we may drop in a special episode, as with Zandra Rhodes, from time to time.

Keeping it neutral

On the business of blogging, I have been meaning to mention the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules for a while. Bear with me, I’ll keep this as brief as possible. As the publisher of That’s Not My Age, I have to make sure that advertisements are clearly marked. This is a legal requirement. I have to make it obvious that a brand has paid me to create content. When a company, like NET-A-PORTER has editorial control over the content and final approval before publishing on That’s Not My Age, there will be a black triangle with the word ‘advertisement’ in the top left hand corner of the first photo. Additionally, when a post includes affiliate links, this has to be highlighted, too. I do this at the end of the post with the following sentence, ‘Please note affiliate links in this post may generate commission.’ Basically, it is my responsibility to make it clear that ads are ads, and that I may benefit financially by using affiliate links.

That’s Not My Age is like a magazine. Except without a cover price. So the adverts and affiliate links need to finance everything. To keep this site going costs money. And I need to earn a living (this is something I’ve written about in more detail HERE). As with a magazine, sometimes the advertisements may be of interest, sometimes not. When I’m reading a magazine, I often skip through all the designer ads to get to the editorial copy – it’s the same online, if a particular advertorial is not for you there’s plenty of other good stuff to read on TNMA. Not to mention the well-considered comments and lively interaction between readers. I love the loyal community that has grown with That’s Not My Age, that you all take time to write thoughtful comments, share information and empower each other, pleases me, no end. Of course, I am happy to include constructive criticism and really appreciate your brilliant contribution but I won’t publish anything unnecessarily negative or personal. I know you understand this, I just want to be clear.

Zipping up my boots

The ankle boot is one of my steadfast winter essentials. Perfect with straight or slim leg jeans. And though you’ll often find me stomping around in black leather shit-kickers or a chunky Chelsea, I’m also partial to a snazzy, showbiz boot. Style Stalked until vastly reduced in the sale, this pair from Paul Smith are striking and super-comfy, and what outfit doesn’t benefit from a touch of 1970s Keith Richards? The old Burberry trench is a waterproof winner; though eye-wateringly expensive today ( the price has tripled since I bought this). For less of a blow-out, I’d recommend Hobbs Saskia, Boden’s half-gingerbread, half-navy Franklin trench coat and I like the look of Arket’s pink linen and Lyocell blend number. More outfit-boosting ankle boots can be found at Vagabond, the blue faux snakeskin boot (also available HERE) is such a great, versatile colour, Sam Edelman’s Winona western boot comes in array of lovely prints (reduced in the sale) and Everlane’s Boss Boot for when you feel like bossing it.


The cashmere jumper was a Christmas gift from New York brand Duffy who follow sustainable practises.


Please note affiliate links in this post may generate commission.


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Brightening up the winter bleakness with some good news. Double good news: a new gig and new showbiz boots.