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Ace photographer Ellen von Unwerth has leapt into the new Marina Rinaldi campaign alongside model Alessandra Garcia Lorido. Jumping around on set was a technique first used by Richard Avedon in the 1960s and then recreated by Grace Coddington in The September Issue (after a brief tussle over photoshopping with Anna Wintour). I’m a huge fan of 62-year-old von Unwerth’s work and her style.

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Regretting giving my sequin blazer to the charity shop now…

22 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Ellen von Unwerth in the Marina Rinaldi campaign

  1. I sense a shopping opportunity for a new sequin jacket. Lots of fab sequinned tops around too

    LBB x

  2. Too bad they think photo shopping is the way to go! I enjoyed my stint as a teen model but my 70 year old bod is my badge of success at life!! I DO love all that glitter, though!!

  3. To me the message this sends is ultimately a negative one: that it’s ok to use 60+ models but not for those models to look their age. So that’s not any kind of gain, is it?

    I googled for a candid (untouched) pic of Ellen von Unwerth and found many that show her looking 62, but she is 62, so isn’t that a good thing? Airbrushed youth is devoid of interest to me. And the practice does nothing to foster acceptance — let alone celebration — of natural aging. Glad to see other commenters feel the same.

  4. I also looked for real time photos, and found that she looked just as great with facial lines . She has a great body, and is a stylish
    dresser .What is it with facial lines that’s such a no-no? They are a sign of an animated mobile face ; laughter lines and frown lines show that a person has an emotional and intellectual life .

    I abhor the plastic Stepford wife look so loved by celebrities as well as 30 somethings with no brain. Coupled with huge eyebrows, I mean….. what has happened to judgement here.

    1. Zanna, I hear you. It was just a quick post to say I admire Ellen Von Unwerth’s work and her style. The first Avedon-inspired image grabbed my attention. I agree, it’s a shame about the excessive photoshopping but I like the energy of the photos and the styling. That’s all.

      1. I know you wouldn’t Alyson. Sorry I wasn’t clear. My comment was about the message of the ad, not aimed at you!!

  5. It’s just the way it is! I am past comparing my fabulous daughters and grand-daughters to myself. And find it more important to offer them a good and healthy vibrant example of what an aged woman can be.

  6. Where do I begin? In the first place von Unwerth, today, is a beautiful 62 year old woman. She has no flaws–she has beautiful characterizations of age on her face. And that is what should have been showcased.
    And, I am sure that I’m in the minority, but I cannot stand Wintour. She is in complete “age denial”. Rather than pioneer the mature woman in all her glory, she has gone the route of pandering to the obsession with youth the way the beauty and fashion industry has continued to do.
    And that is why I love Grace Coddington so very much. She cannot stand the photoshop. She was horrified when Wintour started using “Celebrities-as-models” on the cover of Vogue. After Wintour placed Kardashian and West on the cover, I stopped reading the magazine–she turned it into “The National Enquirer” of the rag trade.
    Note to Grace: Can YOU start a magazine devoted to the “mature” woman? You “Get” it!!!

  7. On another note…that outfit von Unwerth is wearing in that last photo–is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Those pants! Those Shoes! That blazer! I want!

  8. Do advertisers think that we are complete fools? Ellen von Unsworth is an amazing and talented woman and has been photoshopped and airbrushed into insane youth. PLEASE do not patronise us older women and play on perceived insecurities you think that we may have.

  9. Maudie, And look at Unworth’s hands. They’ve made her hands look twenty five years old.
    No offense to the model-it’s not her fault-but she’s Ellen von Unsworthless in this shoot.

  10. Can’t believe Marina Rinaldi (or ANY designer) is showing horizontal stripes on anyone, young or old. The line usually has flattering clothes for larger sizes. Though I do find the striped angles a bit more “interesting” I can’t imagine any woman
    really wants to add the visual weight. Why do we rarely see vertical stripes that would be elongating? Who doesn’t want to look taller and thinner? Mystifying!

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