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Whoop! I was delighted to be invited onto the Robert Elms Show (BBC Radio London), yesterday, to talk about Know Your Style. Elms is a writer, broadcaster and proud Londoner with a keen interest in music, style and popular culture – and he’s as chatty and friendly in real life as he is on the radio show. It was a joy to visit the Beeb and have a good, old natter about style. Asked if I thought you could buy it, I said no, but I do think style is something that can be developed and learned. I’m on after the Blow Monkeys’ track approximately one hour and 17 minutes into the show. Re-using an older photo for this post because we also discussed army surplus and Laurence Corner. Brilliant shop.

Listen to the style chat HERE.

15 thoughts on “Talking style on the Robert Elms Show

  1. Love all the olive clothes including your outfit. It’s my favourite colour. I’m a green eyed former brunette going grey. It’s always been in my wardrobe. Putting away summer clothing I’ve uncovered olive Uniqlo t-shirts and polo necks and cardigans, suede boots and several handbags. None new but purchased when the colour was available. As you illustrate army style olive jackets are a new basic garment. Perfect for a dressed down look. I owe several in different lengths and degrees of fit. Perfect to sling on over gym clothes.
    With regards your new book Alyson I have enjoyed reading it cover to cover since I was given a copy last week. I like the emphasis on finding ones personal style through experimenting with shapes and colour. Not on how to look ten years younger, not old or not fat. RIP Carla Krupp.
    Today’s outfit like yours are old favourites : linen slightly baggy olive trousers Fat Face sale with old Max Mara stripy green and cream colour cotton pullover. The latter emerged from our storage units. Bought in a Japanese department store in Hong Kong in 1999. After washing it still looks great and as up to the minute as ever. Even this long later. It demonstrates to me the consistency of my taste. On my feet turquoise leather sandals Think! Brand from Berlin a year ago.

  2. I’m confused about mixing olive/khaki color with silver/gray hair…….everything online says not was a great color on me when I had medium brown hair with my medium warm olive skin tone, but now I’m not so sure with below the shoulder silver hair????

    1. Who said that?! I wear olive/khaki, Lulu and my hair is more grey now than in this photo. Maybe look for the richer, warmer colours rather than the paler shades – and give it a go.

  3. Dear Alyson – Thank you for your new book – received yesterday, finished today! It taught me new things and validated others. I love the content, format and artwork.
    However, can you help with one still unanswered question: how to wear leggings in professional settings in the winter – what to wear inside my shoes. Certain shoes and booties look great with leggings, but are very uncomfortable worn barefoot – especially in below 0 weather. Socks don’t fit inside them either – Do you have other suggestions? I live in Minnesota, USA
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Pam – could you wear what we used to call pop sock (ankle/knee socks in hosiery fabrics)? There are loads around including micro fishnet styles which would be nice and warm. You can find them at Topshop, ASOS and COS.

  4. Strange to listen to you on BBC radio clip. Your voice not what I imagined. More indie girl about town from London in the old days.

  5. Listening to you now, Alyson. 🙂 You sound much like I have imagined you. I love that men/boys’ clothes were some of your earliest style inspirations. Loved your “No [you can’t buy style]!” And “Age appropriate is nonsense!” My experience has also been that, as in other areas of life, observation and even mimicry of others’ styles is a great way for us to create our current styles.

    And I adore your heartfelt laugh! Wonderful! And you laugh so easily. 🙂

    You’re right … style IS a mindset, cultural references, fed by your travels, musical preferences, politics, psychology, etc.

    Thank you for the link. What a lovely midday break (here in the US Midwest).

  6. I love this picture of you! Fabulous! I am a former brunette going grey (and helping the grey along) and olive is re-entering my wardrobe at a very fast pace. As to booties/socks: I get a half size up for styles I wish to wear with socks and in the summer add an insert with bare feet. Comfy!

  7. Alyson – I would like to thank you for your new book! I tore through it last evening and am now going through my closet and practicing with outfits. You’ve given a retired school superintendent at 60 hope that she can finally find her style. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Alyson – I would like to thank you for your new book! I tore through it last evening and am now going through my closet and practicing with outfits. I am a retired school superintendent and had a very frumpy look, now I have hope that I can finally find my style. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Alyson I have just listened to the whole interview and I think I understood most of it (my native language is spanish), you sound so young, fresh and authentic! The way you talk reminded me of the actress who played Lady Edith in Downton Abbey, I don´t know if it was because of the accent or the tone of voice, but again, I am not a native speaker so maybe there isn´t the slightest resemblance! But you did remind me of her (Laura Carmichael, I remembered).

  10. Just got back from a fab holiday in Palma and listened on i-player to your slot on Robert Elms. (I am a Radio London fanatic!). What a surprise to hear your very cool voice and raucous laugh! It is so good to put a voice to a face. On an aside note, I have a brown and grey bob which I thought was a ‘forever’ style but having seen a cool German woman in Palma with funky short hair I am considering the chop. Poor woman must have thought I was a bit peculiar checking out her hair – looked a bit of a stalker! Spiky, messy with coloured tips- what the hell!.

  11. Just loving this, listening to you and Robert Elms ….
    Where would I be able to find a khaki jumpsuit like this these days? Pleeease. X

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