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Result. I found a Lovely Blue Shirtdress. It’s pinstripe cotton and available for a bargain price at Muji; £39.95, I think (I bought this a couple of weeks ago). Because fashion is not available online at Muji (only socks), I’d recommend getting yourself in-store, pronto. The Shirtdress of Dreams comes in a couple of different colourways: there’s a darker navy stripe, as well as plain versions. And yes, I know it’s a bit crumpled, I’d been wearing it all day. In a heatwave. Ne’er mind. I can cope with natural creasing, all part of the charm. The shirtdress is definitely best worn in an easy-breezy style with the several buttons undone, from the hem upwards.

Trousers are the J. Crew Maddie pant, not currently available in army green but there are moss coloured chinos HERE and cropped Teddie pants HERE; and Boden has a darker bluey-green pant HERE and 3/4 crop style HERE. I’m also wearing Penelope Chilvers’ Perfect Shoe for Instagram, and trying to ignore the small crowd of commuters, out of shot. That’s Not Getting Shirty.

And now for a fine selection of shirtdresses…


28 thoughts on “The new way to wear a shirtdress (part two)

  1. Oh yes indeedy! I like it very much Alyson.
    Shirt dresses have to be the easiest transitional wardrobe staple ever invented right? I love every one of your choices – My recent pinstriped shirt dress aquisition is from La Redoute, also a bargain 😉
    Gorgeous photo of you by the way, Mx

  2. Yesterday’s flight to NYC – floral shirt dress (Joules sale a few months back) over my favourite boyfriend cut jeans (Mint Velvet) and white Birkenstock sandals. There are other, similar, variations in my suitcase.

  3. Yes, nice comfortable suitable clothing for hot, humid weather. This is a variation of what they wear in South Asia. A flowing cotton top over lightweight trousers. Modest, cool and comfortable at the same time.

  4. Super nice look on you! My happy shirt-dress find was a light blue Alexander Wang with actual super-long sleeves that were sewn on to the dress to become a belt. Ultra cool dress… Which I ended up dying in indigo to get that great, dark blue that I love so much.

  5. Just packing for a trip over…I’m a minimilist packer, the London heat wave has been worrying me, and thought I’d go with a new look..(something I enjoy doing when traveling)..I’d just purchased a few shirt dresses to wear over trousers/leggings, and to use as a light jacket…Your post came in like a sign from above! So, shirtdress(es) it is! Thank you!

  6. I do like the way you have styled it with the skinny pants, gives me inspiration for styling other longer tunic style shirts and dresses that are a touch too short to wear alone. I have tried shirtdresses several times when they trended back in style over the years, and once or twice found one that actually looked good, but sadly most of the time they just left me feeling rather shapeless, and if belted, poofy in all the wrong places. I feel like I have given the style a good try and it is not for me so I will pass on it this time around.

  7. I just bought a fantastic man’s shirt that goes down to my knees. Super cool but big, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it… and here you are, showing me the way! Thanks.

  8. Alyson, what about the sizing of the Muji shirtdress? On their US site you can order clothes, but Muji only has these in their size Small. I’m not concerned about length, as I’ll wear them over pants or leggings, but I notice that in your photo the fit is full and forgiving, rather slouchy. It that because you got a Muji size Medium or Large? Thanks!

  9. I love the way you have styled this shirtdress. I’ve never been a great fan of dresses as such, as I’m not a great fan of my legs. However, I’ve recently fallen in love with shirtdresses & long shirts when paired with jeans or trousers. Such a versatile look with loads of styling possibilities. Guess who will be popping into her local Muji very soon?!

  10. I don’t know how, but you always make ‘easy’ clothes look so polished. I would look like I got dressed from the hobo bag. I can wear a casual ao dai that it is more fitted, but these relaxed styles don’t suit my 5’3″ 120lb frame. I do love to look at them, though.

  11. I’ve never had much luck with shirt dresses: too short, too long, too stiff, too thin, too shapeless. Still, I keep trying. I recently bought one in chambray denim by Current Elliott that almost strikes the kind of California cool/worn-with-flat-gladiator-sandals-and-beachy hair vibe I’m going for. Still, I have a feeling I’ll end up wearing it more as a jacket and over skinny jeans with boots for the fall/winter. Alone, with bare legs, they just end up making me feel too undressed.

  12. I have just found what I have been looking for all summer! I LOVE this dress but don’t think I can access it 🙁
    Do you know where it is available….looks great on you! just my style…xo

  13. I have recently discovered Muji. I was in Covent Garden and ‘fell’ into the shop and fell in love with everything! A sale was on at the time and I bought cardigans, t shirts, fabulous jeans and lovely PJ bottoms. This store is a true discovery for me – along the lines of Uniqlo but, perhaps, more ethical. Their clothing is gorgeous and their ‘everything else’ is on my wishlist. I love your shirtdress – I have one very similar that is actually a Princess Tam Tam nightshirt from (sshhh) a charity shop. I only live in the ‘burbs of London so a quick and frequent trip to Covent Garden is marked on my calender!

  14. Yes I like shirt dresses too but not so short they don’t cover my knees. I’m not into leggings under big tops as a look nor cropped fitted trousers, though I do wear those with hip length tops. And ankle strapped or slightly chunky wedge sandals. I had one linen shirt dress which I used to wear with slim belt on hips taken in when I saw how unflattering it looked in a photo. I’m medium size, medium height with a top heavy, not much bottom figure. Mid sixties but follower of fashion who still wants to look stylish. Had darts put in back of shirt dress only which flattened the front, gave definition and did away with need for belt. Another shirt dress I got this year in a clementine orange poplin has tie waist sashes in side seams which can be tied as loosely as one wants. Self material built in belting provides a very smart look. This one has patch pockets on bosom which I’m not usually mad for but it works. It had a much longer tail at back which I had evened out. Non matching much longer shirt tails at back is a look at the moment but not good if you aren’t very tall or don’t have much of a bottom.
    For future book, I would add photos of real women who look attractive not just thin older models such as those used by the Guardian Saturday magazine feature showing all ages. A very good example of how to do it right can be found in the two books written by the late American journalist broadcaster Charla Krupp. These books are still available on Amazon. The second one how not to look fat gives very sound advice on real size models.

  15. Thanks! I bought a linen shirtdress that I keep thinking has to be belted in some way — yet every belt I try looks contrived, silly. Just let it do its thing. . .

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