Could this be the perfect shoe for Instagram? Not that I’m obsessed or anything, but Penelope Chilvers Alhambra sandal – inspired by the beautiful Spanish palace in Granada – is incredibly photogenic. No need to traipse about for hours looking for a beautiful tiled floor to stand around on, these mosaic patterned leather sandals are Shoefie-ready:


As well as being highly Instagrammable, these flat leather sandals have a lovely crepe sole. Because comfort is important, too. They look great with wide leg trousers, rolled up jeans and Capri pants. At the Penelope Chilvers Duke Street store last week, I also liked the look of the indigo blue leather Alba sandal.


ALBA CROC flat leather sandal 1

Much as I love my Birkis, it’s also good to have something a bit more elegant for running around in. So, thank you to Penelope Chilvers for very kindly sending me a pair of chic summer sandals to test-drive  – coming to Instagram just as soon as I’ve bagged an appointment at the ever-busy Glamorous Nails. The Alba sandal is in the sale preview with 30% off – and as a special summer offer, Penelope Chilvers are giving That’s Not My Age readers 30% off the Alhambra sandal, too. Simply click through to the sandals page HERE, type in the code ALHAMBRA and get ready to Instagram.

This offer is available until 27 June 2016.



10 thoughts on “The perfect shoe for Instagram and a reader offer from Penelope Chilvers

  1. Lovely sandals- very stylish and wearable, but ugh! those jeans [in the first picture]. Never put a lovely little woman like that in jeans like THAT; I’ve heard of boyfriend jeans, these look like Grandad jeans- they’re huge!!

  2. Loved the sandals so much I went to London and snapped them up! went perfectly with my new Jaeger dress which has the same majolica tile vibe.

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