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To celebrate her 90th birthday, the Queen is on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Photographed by Annie Liebowitz, Her Majesty appears with her favourite corgis and dorgis (no, me neither – it’s a cross between dachshund and a corgi). Wearing Gucci loafers. There’s been talk of a Sloane Ranger revival with pie crust collars, navy blazers and Princess Diana-inspired ruffles but it’s Her Majesty in horsebit loafers who is making a true style statement. Once again, the Queen’s shoes are in the news. Blue shirt, Gucci, Windsor-ucci…

…Ma’am is dressed to kill.

12 thoughts on “The Queen on the cover of Vanity Fair

  1. Saw her at the Royal Garden Party last week (get me!) – and she was stunning in head to foot turquoise – but what I noticed most was her warmth when talking to people. Real twinkle in her eyes…..

  2. I have a pair of black patent Russell and Bromley loafers just like these – and they are about 20 years old. Whoopee – not so bad being a hoarder after all!

  3. Lovely pic! What an amazing lady! Went to the Palace with husband to collect his OBE a few years ago and was so impressed by Her Maj. She stood for nearly 2 hours and was so interested in everybody and their achievements. She’s got her own clothes style off perfectly now – bright colours so she’s visible to crowds (She says, ‘I have to be seen to be believed!’) and a smashing hat.

  4. I think the queen looks great! She hasn’t put a foot wrong in any sense over the years. However, I detest Sloane ranger-ism and all the stuck up class crap it implies. Can’t believe it’s on the rebound. It might surprise non uk readers but not everyone here thinks the royal family are a good idea in a grown up democracy, and we don’t all fawn over Catherine Middleton just because she married an overpriveliged rich bloke.. Nuff said.

  5. The Queen looks grand. Her very classic outfit (jacket and skirt) suits her well. Lovely light blue jacket offsets nicely with her hair and complexion. Nothing trendy or costume-ish about this. Entirely attractive. The Queen with her loyal and happy dogs – nothing better. Beautiful photo. Susan

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