Multiple midlife ear piercings and a special offer

The sparkly chandelier earrings are taking a sabbatical. My multiple midlife ear piercings require a reboot. Now that there are three holes (again) in my left ear and one in the right, I’ve had to rethink my earring arrangement. Playing around with a line-up of more delicate silver styles, I have single studs from Astley Clark and hoops from Melissa Joy ManningRead more

The Garnered: the style website worth a gander

‘It’s not about price,’ says Anna Garner when I ask how she gathers things for her chic, new website The Garnered . ‘I never want to be drawn to things that are expensive just for the sake of it. I’m interested in quality and longevity – it’s got to be individual and unique’. And Garner definitely practises whatRead more

The best way to accessorize

There’s a lovely feature over on Advanced Style at the minute. Writer and artist Sandy Badash is talking about confidence and body image, concluding with *spoiler alert* ‘Hey, I’ve come a long way, and I realize I’m not a perfect being and while I put myself out there clothing-wise, and certainly don’t mind being seen,Read more

More thoughts on Chic Not Shouty bags

I did get excited about a designer handbag once. It was six years ago, when I met Jane Birkin . This was at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, where we chatted for 15-minutes – and she didn’t call security. We talked mainly about her work as a campaigner on social issues and Aung San Suu Kyi, who was still underRead more

Sling on a pendant necklace this summer

The combination of seeing Team GB adorned with Olympic medals (so proud!) and a mini-heatwave has got me thinking about summer accessorizing. Long beaded necklaces with tassels and pendants are everywhere, and this kind of thing looks fab over a dress, vest, tunic top or cotton open-necked shirt. Make like an Olympic champion and slingRead more

Bring on the clip-on earrings

Once dismissed as pain-inducing lobe-squeezers, I’ve recently come round to clip-on earrings. Over Easter, we spent a few days in the Cotswolds and found a fantastic vintage store, in Cirencester, with an array of wonderful vintage earrings. I had already selected a couple of pairs, when the owner told me that a friend of Shirley Bassey’s used toRead more

It’s all about the skinny scarf

For a while, Russell Brand’s comedy-lothario-look put me off the skinny scarf. But thanks largely to Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent Paris, this handy accessory has regained it’s chic appeal. Feeling slightly under dressed on my way to a fashion show recently, I perked up a normcore jacket and jeans with a slim, pink paisleyRead more

The Cambridge Satchel Company grows up

Teal North South tote, £195, available HERE . When Julie Deane couldn’t find a traditional leather satchel for her daughter, she made one herself. The Cambridge Satchel Company soon followed with Deane and her mum Freda Thomas stitching leather bags at the kitchen table. Over the last seven years, a £600 start-up has turned into aRead more

Scarves that go with everything

That Is My Neck I didn’t feel bad about my neck until I saw this photo (now carefully cropped to remove the full-on Tortoise Effect). Just as well this post is about scarves, then. Navy and khaki are two of the chicest grown-up colours, and so I was delighted to find this vintage men’s scarfRead more