Why I’m loving (and acting) my age this week

‘“Ageless” is a key word that identifies the women of today,’ says Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, ‘Together they compose the mosaic of the new femininity, a way of being beyond appearances. Women who are strong, sure of themselves, talented, enterprising. On their faces, the glow of youth is replaced by the splendour of maturity,Read more

Vogue’s Ageless Style Issue

There seems to have been a bit of a hoo-ha online about British Vogue’s July cover. ‘Like an advert for menopausal medicine,’ said one (obviously young) commentator, ‘Unbelievably bland’ continued another, ‘The cover looks more suited to Good Housekeeping or Psychologies.’ Well, I think it’s gorgeous. The epitome of Gentlewoman Style. Stella Tennant (44) is one of my favouriteRead more