Helen Mirren at 70

‘Your 40s are good. Your 50s are great. Your 60s are fab. And 70 is fucking awesome.’ So says Helen Mirren, who will be 70 on Sunday. We all know growing old is not for cissies but at least Mirren makes it look like fun. The Guardian asked me to write a piece on whatRead more

How to keep your feet looking great when you’re older

Shoes: Pleasure & Pain is a new fashion exhibition at the V&A (opening 13 June), though as anyone over-40 knows, it’s all about the comfy shoe now. Having squeezed my feet into second-hand winkle-pickers as a teenager, worn daft heels as a fashion editor and run around in Converse All Stars as a down-with-the-youngsters freelancer – I came to the conclusionRead more

Major report into how mature women feel about fashion

Photo: Sartorialist The British retailer JD Williams has carried out the first major survey into ‘fashion for women over-50’. A YouGov report questioned 2000 women on areas including: body confidence, shopping, style and the sense of ageing. The conclusion is that mature women feel more secure about their own style but have problems finding clothesRead more

Where are all the women over 50?

  Good for Olenka Frenkiel who has spoken out about the way older women are treated by the BBC. An award-winning reporter with over 30-years experience, she was forced out of the organization but refused to sign a gagging clause. Two years later, Frenkiel is finally able to speak out. This story is featured onRead more

Let’s reclaim the word ‘old’ says Prof Mary Beard

  Photo: Sunday Times I was once, rather ridiculously, told by M&S magazine (RIP) that I couldn’t use the word ‘older’ in a feature I was writing about age. I know, it makes no sense. So, hooray then for Cambridge University classicist Mary Beard who told the Cheltenham Literary Festival this week: ‘I’m really tryingRead more

Quote of the week: Mamy Rock

The 69-year old DJ and That’s Not My Age regular, who says, ‘I’d rather sign a contract with a record company than sign-up for a nursing home,’ is playing at my next big birthday party, alright? What do you think’s on Mamy Rock’s playlist? PS Thanks to Advanced Style for drawing my attention to the fabulous photoRead more