Creative Women at Work: Ally Capellino

I bumped into one of my favourite ‘ chic not shouty’ bag designers at London Fashion Week. Up bright and early on Sunday morning, Ally Capellino was outside the Margaret Howell show and so we had a quick coffee and I managed to squeeze in an impromptu Creative Women at Work interview. Always working, the pair of us… TNMA: IRead more

What’s Your Bag with Ally Capellino

Ace designer Ally Capellino asked if I’d like to be involved in her ‘What’s My Bag’ project. This basically involved Ally and the photographer Sophie Green coming round to That’s Not My Age Mansions for a cuppa and a chat – it was so relaxed, I didn’t even bother to tidy up. What’s My BagRead more

The Great British Wool Week

Celebrating  Wool Week  when it’s unseasonably mild and you’re menopausal may not sound like the best idea, ever; but I’m prepared to be selfless (and a bit sweaty) if it helps promote the floundering British manufacturing industry. As  Ally Capellino founder, Alison Lloyd says, ‘Wool is one of the few things that still comes out of the UK.’ The designerRead more