More thoughts on Chic Not Shouty bags

I did get excited about a designer handbag once. It was six years ago, when I met Jane Birkin . This was at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, where we chatted for 15-minutes – and she didn’t call security. We talked mainly about her work as a campaigner on social issues and Aung San Suu Kyi, who was still underRead more

Creative Women at Work: Ally Capellino

I bumped into one of my favourite ‘ chic not shouty’ bag designers at London Fashion Week. Up bright and early on Sunday morning, Ally Capellino was outside the Margaret Howell show and so we had a quick coffee and I managed to squeeze in an impromptu Creative Women at Work interview. Always working, the pair of us… TNMA: IRead more

Chic not shouty shoulder bags – and a question for you

At a recent meeting when my book editor asked if I was going to write about bags, I said no. I’ve never really been interested in fancy, look-at-me designer handbags. Paying silly money for leather accessories, to dangle from my elbow, is just not my thing. (And this is obviously why the ‘£300 handbag’ hasRead more

The Cambridge Satchel Company grows up

Teal North South tote, £195, available HERE . When Julie Deane couldn’t find a traditional leather satchel for her daughter, she made one herself. The Cambridge Satchel Company soon followed with Deane and her mum Freda Thomas stitching leather bags at the kitchen table. Over the last seven years, a £600 start-up has turned into aRead more