Livia Firth on considerate consumption

The True Cost documentary has made me think. A lot. About conspicuous consumption and my responsibility as a fashion journalist and human being. I always advocate long term style over fast fashion, particularly now we can buy what we want when we want (online). And I realise that by chucking more product at That’s Not My Age, IRead more

The True Cost: a fashion documentary to make you think

I was deeply moved by the London premiere of The True Cost, this week. And not just because Colin Firth was on the red carpet. This documentary about fast fashion and the appalling impact it has on both garment factory workers and the environment, is upsetting and, at times, difficult to watch. Directed by AndrewRead more

Sharing the Love

Photo: Tim Walker Guess what…I’ve been Blog Spotted. Stopped on two separate occasions by That’s Not My Age fans (That’s Not My Agers?). Once in a very crowded south London bar/restaurant while fighting my way to the door; I was ranting about the benefits of staying in, when a beautiful, stylish woman grabbed my armRead more

Blogger’s wrist

That’s Not My Age has been carrying an injury for some time now, I’m calling it Blogger’s Wrist, otherwise known as Repetitive Strain Injury which can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. According to the NHS website , most cases (of CTS) develop in people who are between 45 – 64 years of age, and left untreated itRead more