An exciting new project: The Positivity Panel (sponsored)

Meet the Positivity Panel. A team of experts gathered together to encourage women to be active and #GetMore positivity into life. You may recognize the fashion expert for this project, ahem, standing next to Davina McCall in the middle. Ryvita has partnered with Davina and Cancer Research UK to empower women and encourage healthy living (through the CRUK live events inRead more

How body confidence gets better with age

  I blame M&S and their horrible, rubber ‘roll ons’, the girdles not the ferries, for my lack of body confidence, writes Elaine Kingett. Forced into them at 13, by a mother who told me my stomach was fat. I was a girl who even at 16, had a photo of her bikini-enhanced chest notedRead more

Don’t call me a gran bod

I was hoping if I ignored the term ‘gran bod’ it might go away. But no. The dad bod bandwagon-jumping label keeps pinging into my inbox. This weekend: The Top 10 Gran Bods starring Helen Mirren, Madonna and Elle (The Gran Body) Macpherson. Basically, a list of women over-50, rated on how they look in swimwear. HowRead more