Ageless Style: Daphne Selfe for Me+Em

Daphne Selfe is a darling. Whenever we meet she’s warm, charming and full of life. Oh and busy. Did I mention that? What with a book to promote , and all. As a model, Daphne has been more successful in her ninth decade, than ever before. No wonder Me +Em have signed her up to showcase their autumn knitwearRead more

Daphne Selfe: The Way We Wore

While I recover from Beach Brain, here are some fabulous photos of Daphne Selfe. The 87-year-old model has written a book The Way We Wore about her ‘life in clothes’ (a memoir based on her diaries) and it’s out now. Having worked with Daphne as a fashion editor, I can vouch for her wonderful, enthusiastic attitude  – and brilliantRead more

My new favourite shop: And Other Stories

Talking about where to find clothes on the high street when you’re over-40 at work the other day, one of my FABulously stylish (that’s Fifty And Beyond, if you haven’t read Style Forever ) colleagues recommended & Other Stories. H&M’s latest brand currently only has one UK shop, on Regent Street, London, but most of the merchandiseRead more