Bra shopping as an older woman

  My bra history goes like this: young, flat-chested and embarrassed, I would guess my size and grab the first bra I could find in M&S , rather than actually seeking advice or trying anything on. Older, saggier and less concerned about what other people think, I’m more inclined to loiter in underwear departments, demanding attentionRead more

Style for the coming year and Hygge Chic

When the Guardian asked me for some grown-up style resolutions for 2016, these were informed by old rather than new pledges. Go on, as you mean to go on. Things I’ve been saying for quite some time, like the importance of Casual Glamour, fabulous flat shoes and silk shirts. As we get older it isRead more

Sofia Coppola’s perfect summer style

The Guardian asked a series of fashion journalists to each write about their perfect summer style template. I nominated Sofia Coppola. The award-winning director has a confidence and quiet understated elegance that I admire, she doesn’t need shouty clothes and selfies to make an impression – everything is intelligent, unassuming and just right. Cool, calmRead more

How your makeup bag changes with age

‘I believe as one gets older, less makeup looks much better,’ beauty entrepreneur and model Linda Rodin told me recently. This was also the consensus I found when writing my book – which came as good news to a lifelong cosmetics coward with a low-maintenance beauty regime. I’m pleased that in my sixth decade, theRead more

Why do older women have short hair?

  This is a question the Guardian asked me, and so I explained that hair changes texture and loses pigment as we get older and shorter hair is easier to manage. Though having said that, not all older women have short hair. And  I’m a firm believer in doing (and wearing) what you like, ratherRead more

Modern Power Dressing

  Charlotte Rampling plays Jocelyn Knight QC Power Dressing ain’t what it used to be (and there’s an exhibition at the Design Museum to prove it). Today women want to look effortless and chic, and this is an area where the grown-ups outshine the girls. The Guardian asked me to write about Power Dressing on TV so I talked about myRead more

What to wear in January

  Who doesn’t want a roll neck now that they’ve seen the St Joan of Céline ad ? This navy cotton version is from Winser London , a great one-stop online shop for basics. My latest post for the Guardian discusses what to wear right now in order to stay chic, cosy and cheerful. For me, that means Casual Glamour: modern uniform dressing with aRead more

Grown-up tomboys: how to dress like a gentlewoman

Hepburn jacket and matching trousers: Atea Oceanie   I’ve dressed like a tomboy since I was a teenager. Now I’m 50 all that’s changed is the name. In my book, Style Forever: the grown-up guide to looking fabulous (out March 2015) I call this Gentlewoman Style. My latest piece for the Guardian HERE explains why beingRead more

How to wear black and not look boring

  Add metallics. Photo: Pure Collection Black is always a fail-safe option once the festivities kick in. So, I’ve written a piece about how to wear it and not look bland for the Guardian, HERE . I know from my own experience that I tend to gravitate towards a couple of items in my wardrobe atRead more

The grown-up guide to layering

I’m over on the Guardian fashion blog talking about layering, this week. How to do it without looking like you’re travelling Ryan Air and trying to get your luggage down to below 20 kilos. The editor challenged me to do this without mentioning cardigans, which was easy as I rarely wear them anyway and much preferRead more