The new way to wear a shirt dress

I’m always looking for new ways to wear things, new ways to layer. And this gorgeous striped cotton shirt dress could be THE style inspiration for summer. Perfect for swanning around in, the shirt dress looks ace over gold jeans or cigarette pants – though white makes an excellent alternative. Such an easy-breezy modern look.Read more

The summer kimono

These lovely yukata or summer kimonos from Uniqlo make brilliant dressing gowns (make that all-day lounging gowns, if like me, you’ve just come back from holiday and have forgotten how to dress properly) and can also be worn Catherine Baba-style layered over a simple black outfit. Or on a bike. If you like… I’m off to recalibrate my wardrobe. The cottonRead more

The grown-up guide to layering

I’m over on the Guardian fashion blog talking about layering, this week. How to do it without looking like you’re travelling Ryan Air and trying to get your luggage down to below 20 kilos. The editor challenged me to do this without mentioning cardigans, which was easy as I rarely wear them anyway and much preferRead more