Grey models

Hooray for Grey. The model agency, not the book. First came Mrs Robinson Management , now there’s Grey Model Agency, representing ‘the beautifully ageing mature model,’ like 61-year-old Meg McNaughton (above) who started modelling in 2010, and Sara Stockbridge the almost-50-year-old former Vivienne Westwood model and Grey Ambassador: Founded by former photographic agent Rebecca Valentine, earlier this year, the fashion world is gladRead more

Older Models: Pam Lucas

No sooner than Halloween is dead and buried, my inbox fills up with Christmas crapola. Like I’ve got nothing better to do than spend my life deleting emails. Whatever. Whilst trawling through the detritus, I was very pleased to see that the latest campaign from TK Maxx (great for cheap Le Creuset and discounted sportswear)Read more