50 years of fashion icon Twiggy

The Face of 1966, Twiggy is celebrating 50 years in fashion. Discovered as a 16-year-old schoolgirl, the model-turned-actor-singer-designer formerly known as Lesley Hornby remains a much-recognised face at 66-years-old. I’ve met Twiggy several times: the first about 15-years ago as a fashion editor when she was magazine cover star on one of our issues, andRead more

M&S get it right

At last! M&S has come up with an ad campaign that actually makes me want to shop there. The Art of Autumn featuring gorgeous, grey-haired model Eveline Hall is chic, simple and spot on (just don’t let Sue Kreitzman near all that beige). This is the kind of thing that grown-up women want to see, not cringeworthy images ofRead more

Summer style essentials

M&S asked me to write about my holiday wardrobe and as I’m just about to book a much-needed vacation, this is a useful way of planning ahead. Mr That’s Not My Age will be pleased to have a little extra space for his walking sandals… For a week in the sun, I try to travel light.Read more