The Grace Jones documentary

I’ve always admired Grace Jones. The strong image, the theatricality, the iconic Nightclubbing album that I still love to play. At 69, Jones is a woman with trend-defying, singular style who does her own thing regardless. Her fierce glamour hasn’t changed much since the Studio 54 days – and I appreciate this decade-defying look, andRead more

That is MY age: It’s the 40th anniversary of punk

Aged 12, in 1976, I was a bit too young to pogo. I also lived in Blackpool. Hardly the epicentre of cool but we did have our own punk band: The Membranes (lead singer John Robb was a local hero). By the time I was 15, I was sneaking into the local fleapit to see the SexRead more

Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog film

‘Do you want to see a film about Laurie Anderson’s dog?’ One of my friends asked me towards the end of last year. This could go one of two ways I thought with trepidation (dog’s breakfast or dog’s bollocks). Although it wasn’t exactly top of my to-do list; I like Laurie Anderson, I like dogs,Read more

Currently listening to: Charles Bradley

There was a brilliant song playing in a local shop, yesterday. And not being a Shazam-r, I asked the assistant what it was. Actually spoke to someone, like in the olden days. Turns out it was Charles Bradley. The 67-year-old former James Brown impersonator who has achieved success in his seventh decade. Funnily enough, I’dRead more

Keith Richards on Desert Island Discs

  Anyone who has been tuning in for a while, will know that Mr That’s Not My Age is the Rolling Stones’ number one fan. Travelling the world in his younger days, to catch the Stones on tour, he is still the proud owner of ‘Night Mission’ a limited edition leather jacket from Johnson’s onRead more

The rock and roll tea towel

You know you’ve reached a certain age when you go to a gig and come away with sore feet and a tea towel. Yep, thanks to Nick Cave, mid-lifers will never have to wear a band t-shirt again. By adding tea towels to his range of tour merchandise, Cave is doing us all a favour.Read more

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis and me

Like I need an excuse to blather on about the wonderful Nick Cave, but today sees the CD release (am I the only one left on the planet who still buys these things?) of The Road soundtrack – Cormac McCarthy book, film out on Friday – composed by the supremely talented antipodean rock God andRead more

Joan Baez: How sweet the sound

That’s Not My Age’s may own a couple of Bob Dylan albums but I’m not big into folk music. As a teenager growing-up in the seventies, I thought Joe Strummer invented the protest song! So, the BBC’s Imagine programme on Joan Baez, 68, this week, was a real eye-opener. As well as the amazing voiceRead more

The Hacienda: How not to run a club by Peter Hook

When That’s Not My Age was a Bright Young Thing, not much older than Tavi, the Hacienda felt like home. The club on Whitworth Street Manchester, designed by Ben Kelly and funded by Factory Records and New Order was where TNMA grew up. Many a drunken night was spent watching gigs and staggering up and downRead more