Old news and old friends….

For the last few weeks the exterior of That’s Not My Age Mansions has been having a facelift. Painters on the scaffolding outside the windows at 8am, dressing gown at the ready at all times. And I have literally been all over the place. Dislodged. Not conducive to book-writing but nothing really when you considerRead more

The Queen at 90

It can’t be easy being the Queen. I don’t mean all those big houses to look after, giving the Christmas speech or having Prince Charles for a son; but sticking to a formal dress code for over 60 years. As the designer Hardy Amies said, ‘ I do not dress the Queen. The Queen dressesRead more

Quote of the week(end): Bill Nighy

London Collections Men  has started and I thought I’d celebrate with a post on Britain’s most stylish man (Mr TNMA excluded). Flicking through the magazines at Glamorous Nails the other day, I came across an interview with Bill Nighy in a tatty, old copy of Condé Nast Traveller. Asked how he relaxed, the award-winning actor replied: ‘I listenRead more

Quote of the week: India Knight

India Knight What a fantastic week it’s been for Ageless Style. Selfridges launched their Bright Old Things campaign, next came St Joan of Céline and finally the unveiling of Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent Paris. Journalist and author of In Your Prime, India Knight has written a marvellous piece about the fashion industry putting age before beauty in the Sunday Times today.Read more

Quote of the week: Caroline de Maigret

  Have to be honest and say I’m not a huge fan of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, I find it all a bit obvious but maybe I’m a bit jaded after the book writing/editing frenzy – or perhaps the French style guide loses something in translation (?) Model, music producer and best-sellingRead more

Quote of the week: Julie Walters

‘If everyone had facelifts, there would be no one to play the old people.’ From an interview with  Good Housekeeping magazine. Julie Walter’s is the January cover star.  

Quote of the week: Emma Thompson

  Photo: Nick Haddow Whether she’s speaking her mind at the Grammys or on a voyage to the Arctic with Greenpeace (to highlight global warming), I bloody love Emma Thompson. When asked if 50 is the new 35 in an interview in today’s Guardian Weekend magazine, the 55-year-old actress replies: ‘Can I just say very loudly, bollocks. NotRead more

Cindy Joseph on pro-ageing

    As part of the conversation on Ageless Beauty at the Estée Lauder Media Forum , I mentioned the negative connotations surrounding the term ‘anti-ageng’ and the fact that this way of thinking feels outmoded and should be challenged, and this phrase should definitely be changed. A brief discussion followed but we couldn’t really come up with aRead more

Quote of the week: Lynn Dell

Photo: Ari Seth Cohen for Karen Walker ‘People are living longer and we’re not going to hide in the bushes.’ On the eve of the Advanced Style UK film launch , there’s a great feature on ‘the fashion blog that’s putting older women first’ in today’s Observer magazine.  

Quote of the week: Charlotte Rampling

Photo: Vogue Alright, I never promised you breaking news…but it’d be rude not to mention this week’s announcement that 68-year-old Charlotte Rampling is to be the new face of Nars . How fabulous is that? To celebrate the beauty brand’s 20th anniversary in September, Francois Nars will personally be taking a black and white portrait of the esteemed actor. ‘I rememberRead more