Going doolally over Toolally jewellery

Looking for bold jewellery at an affordable price and uninspired by what was on offer, Mags Walker decided to have a go herself. ‘I didn’t want to offer the same as everyone else, I wanted something unique,’ says the Yorkshire-born founder of Toolally jewellery. ‘I’ve always been obsessed with dressing up and the history ofRead more

Statement earrings without the sagging lobes

The statement earring is one of my signature pieces and the easiest way to perk up a Gentlewomanly outfit . There are some wonderful, shoulder-scraping styles around for autumn, but recently I’ve noticed that wearing big heavy diamanté statement earrings (and my favourite J.Crew chandeliers ) is starting to take its toll. Sagging lobes; it’s an issue. To preventRead more

Statement Earrings: J.Crew and Lulu Frost

Did you see the photo of Kate Middleton  meeting Jenna Lyons? Er, that’s exactly how I felt . And I’m nearly as excited about jewellery designer Lulu Frost’s collaboration with J.Crew. That’s two of my favourite vintage-inspired accessories suppliers, in one place. Good, eh? Lulu Frost for J.Crew Crescent earring, £120, available HERE . Lulu Frost for J.Crew Nova earring, £97, available HERE .Read more