Breton stripes: not just for summer

I love a good stripe. And at this time of year, the long-sleeved Breton top comes into it’s own. Wrapped up warm for outdoors, I go for the striped t-shirt under jumper, under coat arrangement. Sometimes a jumpsuit is involved. And a jacket. Depending on the coat . Step indoors and the layers come straight off; and rather than stand around in aRead more

Wearing stripes, Bridget Riley and the seaside

Bridget Riley loves a good stripe. The 84-year-old Op Artist has been using them in her eye-popping artwork for over 50 years. My parallel-line loving history follows a similar timeline. Having grown-up in a seaside town surrounded by deck chairs, sticks of rock, ridges in the sand, I’ve always been partial to a linear pattern. So, IRead more