How to wear army green (or my new favourite colour combination)

Serendipity. There I was thinking about different ways to wear army green when up popped Violeta Sanchez the actress, model and former Yves Saint Laurent muse in this lovely colour combination. Sanchez worked with Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Newton in the late seventies and eighties and I spotted this picture of her as I whizzed throughRead more

How to dress in a heat wave

Jeez, it’s hot. Steamy, sweltering, stinking hot, and I’m feeling slouchy. And a bit sweaty. Must find my Nan Fan . Over the last couple of days the women I’ve spotted in London looking chic in the heat are those loosening up and staying super natural. Wide leg linen trousers and a silk shell top, jersey haremRead more

Sofia Coppola’s perfect summer style

The Guardian asked a series of fashion journalists to each write about their perfect summer style template. I nominated Sofia Coppola. The award-winning director has a confidence and quiet understated elegance that I admire, she doesn’t need shouty clothes and selfies to make an impression – everything is intelligent, unassuming and just right. Cool, calmRead more