The joy of having a proper diary

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to greet the new year armed with the right stationery. Make that a Margaret Howell calendar and a proper diary . Electronic versions might be quick and easy but I spend far too much time staring at a screen already – and where’s the beauty? I much prefer to keep dates and notes inRead more

That is MY age: It’s the 40th anniversary of punk

Aged 12, in 1976, I was a bit too young to pogo. I also lived in Blackpool. Hardly the epicentre of cool but we did have our own punk band: The Membranes (lead singer John Robb was a local hero). By the time I was 15, I was sneaking into the local fleapit to see the SexRead more

The elasticated waist trousers you will want to wear

  It’s happened. I’m contemplating elasticated waist trousers. Next stop velcro slippers. But these are not the crimplene ‘nan slacks’ my mum wears, these are sporty and stretchy, with a go-faster striped elastic waistband. They’re for speeding up, not slowing down. Let’s call them e-waisters (elasticated wasters), now doesn’t that feel better? I spotted theRead more

I feel bad about my Text Neck…

  After several visits to the osteopath, I still have a pain in my neck. It starts mid- shoulder and runs right up to just behind the left ear, and there’s a funny clicking noise too. Inside my head, when I move, which is weird. Initially, I thought that this condition was down to a combinationRead more