Know Your Style by Alyson Walsh: the book launch

I’ve turned into a prepper . No stocking up on baked beans and bottled water or building a bunker at That’s Not My Age Mansions (we don’t have the room); just laying plans for survival in the face of upcoming work-related chaos. Know Your Style launches in the UK tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to that.Read more

Jeans and jumpers and Thanksgiving in New York

A snap shot from New York. Where the pound is worth nothing and what felt like a mild autumn day when we went into a pizza restaurant had turned into The Day After Tomorrow by the time we came out. The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism is in town and my Bella Freud jumper is the perfect accompaniment to the Stars ‘n’ Stripes logo (andRead more

Cherchez l’homme: menswear-inspired shirts

Today I’m discussing luxury shirts over at the FT’s How To Spend It blog. As part of the Cherchez l’homme feature I interviewed a couple of designers, including Nick Wakeman from tomboy chic label Studio Nicholson . Wakeman regularly looks to vintage menswear for inspiration and has been working on a collection of beautiful shirts for autumn.Read more