Grown-up style is all about developing a look that suits and sticking with it. Not flip-flopping after every fad that hits the high street, like an Emperor penguin on ice. But this doesn’t mean a one-way ticket to Frumpsville. Ines de la Fressange looks effortlessly chic in a tailored jacket, jeans and Roger Vivier footwear. A simple formula, updated with the latest accessories or a new trouser shape. Proving, it’s what you choose and how you wear it that counts. Here are my three tips for making the most of a winter coat – probably one that you own already.

1. Team a tailored, more masculine overcoat with a polo neck jumper and white trousers a la Ines de la Fressange/Phoebe Philo/Jackie Kennedy. Totally timeless, no?

2. Belt up. Ever since I read Parisian Chic I’ve been hankering after a wraparound leather belt to wear with jackets and coats.

Like this lovely French femme photographed by The Sartorialist.

Of course, the ultimate belted coat comes with a MaxMara label inside:

3. For those of us who like to look like we haven’t tried too hard, there’s the looser, more deconstructed style of coat. Worn with trousers tucked into boots.

I found a similar version in a second-hand shop in Brixton.

If it works for Patti Smith…

How will you be wearing your coat this winter?

On the street: The Sartorialist
Ines de la Fressange: Zimbio
Jackie O: Oprah
Maxmara: The Guardian
Patti Smith:

21 thoughts on “Chic winter coats

  1. Choice 2 is mine. I like to have a belt around my coat, my old down coat has it´s own belt, or I can wear it with some other belt.
    Likewise, my fur coat has a belt of fur, or I wear a wider leather belt with it.
    With a belt, the coat feels warmer and I feel dressed ( coated ) up ; )

  2. Hi my dear-I love your find, it really will be cosy and stylish this winter for you. I'm going to use my leather belt from my leather 70s jacket for my winter coats, thanks for the tip!!

  3. Yours looks so warm and fuzzy–a great find. It's time for me to find a new winter coat but whatever it is, I like wearing a bright, eccentric scarf inside the coat and knotted around my neck.

  4. Great winter coats. I have a manish style long jacket from Margaret Howell I bought just before I left UK in November.. Heavily reduced in Kilver Court outlet village. Now I need the polo neck etc. And I loved your party dresses with sleeves post too. (Like my lace party dress the first one, or v. similar, reckon I will have my dress for ages and ages yet – bought it about 5 years ago too!) X

  5. Wow. I love ALL these coats and looks. Somehow you have picked all my favorites. That long polo is so dang classic, and the others so delicious. Thank you.

  6. That thrifted coat of yours is a great find!
    I love all these looks — I love coats and jackets and have built up quite a decent wardrobe of them over the past few years. Such fun to have a choice rather than seeing the dreary winter through in the same outerwear.
    But smart as they look, I can't imagine wearing the white pants under that tailored coat in our winter — they'd be mud spattered so quickly and would spend much of their life at the drycleaners, sadly.

  7. Chic – If you're thinking high street, Jigsaw and Uniqlo both have navy double breasted coats.

    materfamilias – you have a point, white pants to be worn only on dry/sunny/mud-free winter days. Or tucked into boots.

  8. I love your coat!

    Actually I love all of the coats but yours looks very chic AND comfortable.

    These days I'm loving my A-Line Lands End trench. It makes a nice silhouette.

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