Had enough of uber-glamorous Hollywood movie stars at the Golden Globes? Then you’re in the right place. Today, That’s Not My Age is keeping it real with the latest instalment of Dresses with Sleeves. As Carey Mulligan said, ‘It’s not a natural thing to stand on the red carpet in a pair of shoes that you would never ordinarily wear, and a dress that you would never ordinarily wear.’ So thanks to everyone who sent photos in, of dresses they would ordinarily wear.  Here’s my first round-up:

For Goodwood Festival last summer, Kim Hunt (above) – one of the team behind the Modern Love label – wore her cowl neck dress, off-the-shoulder. As slow fashion and perennial style are the brand’s main themes, my winter style advice would be to keep it on-the-shoulder and pair with black opaques and platform heels/ wedges.

‘Lending weight to the campaign for non-dowdy arm coverage,’  fellow blogger, Lisa from Privilege looks classy in Narcisco Rodriguez.

‘This old See by Chloe frock has always been good to my upper arms,’ says the eternally glamorous Faux Fuchsia ( Cult Australian Blogger).

Judith from The Style Crone always looks chic.  And is never knowingly under-dressed. Here she is striking a pose in a vintage geometric print Diane Von Furstenberg maxi.

Rose from Forever On The Catwalk Of Life in Phase Eight, ‘It’s only drawback is that people know where it came from, unlike most of my clothes which have a mysterious quality to them. Or is that just my imagination?!’

And finally,  with apologies for the quality of her phone-sourced photograph, here’s Maggie in a silk Zara dress, ‘ There’s not a single working camera with a memory card in the house –  one of the perils of living with teenage girls.’

More dresses with sleeves next week. In the meantime, keep those pictures coming.

13 thoughts on “Dresses with sleeves: over to you

  1. Thank you for this peek at dresses with sleeves!! Loved them 🙂

    I'm so sick of seeing wedding dresses that are sleeveless. There's no individual style any more…every bride looks the same. Not to mention, some of these lovely brides should NEVER wear anything sleeveless…let alone their wedding dress!

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