The CEO of a company asked me the other day what I thought about fashion collaborations. I was half way through a sentence saying that I found the whole idea quite tedious, when I remembered Clarks partnership with British design duo Eley Kishimoto. Which I like. Let’s add that to the list alongside H&M Comme des Garcons/Marni/Maison Martin Margiela. So. This limited edition collection is available to pre-order online, now. Pre-ordering Clarks shoes, who’d have thought it? Can’t say I’d ever imagined baggsying a pair back in the olden days, when I was being measured-up for sensible school shoes, but then my thoughts rarely drifted further than Wagon Wheels and Enid Blyton.

There are three different styles, available from March 1 – the court, a wedge sandal and a desert boot – in three different printed fabrics. I haven’t got a large enough image of the desert boot but you can see it here.

The court shoe is my favourite. Not quite what I’d call a comfy shoe but bet it’ll look fantastic with rolled-up faded jeans and a cashmere sweater. And, as everyone knows, this season’s chequerboard trend means it’s hip to be square…

Will you be placing an order? And how do you spell baggsy?

11 thoughts on “Eley Kishimoto’s collaboration with Clarks

  1. I'd usually go for desert boots, but in this case I think the court shoe would be my favourite – just like you said, with boyfriend jeans and a sweatshirt. I'm just not quite yet in my Spring mindset to pre-order them 😉

    PS: The lime-green postbox is in the Horniman Museum Gardens…

    Have a great weekend xo

  2. I have to say – now that's a really strange collaboration given that I wouldn't have thought Eley Kishimoto was a brand that would have appealed to a Clarks audience. But you never know … stranger things have happened.

  3. I LOVE EM! Ok, was just grumbling in my head about a blogger's post of just "discovering" Revlon red lipstick and a jean brand that's pretty common- I gather she's slumming it..and rolled my eyes and thought: bloggers need to share brands we don't know.

    And here you are. Clark's, sure I know 'em, love the classic mod desert boot in suede but this collab IS newsworthy! Love the prints, and my fave: the wedge. I want like nobody's bidness. Great post!

  4. Although, I won't be wearing this shoe personally, I appreciate the bold direction that Clarks are taking. I think they go from strength to strength and every season there are at least one or two stand out items as well as realising the appeal of some classic Clarks designs.

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