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Now that every high street shoe merchant has done a copy, every street style blogger has been snapped, standing pigeon-toed, in a pair, I’m glad I couldn’t afford to splurge £400 on Isabel Marant’s hidden wedge hi-tops. Ubiquitous and unattractive, these boots are not fooling anyone. The wedge isn’t really hidden. No one has ankles shaped like that, unless they suffer from heel spurs, or elephantitis. I like a wedge heel, I’m fond of sportswear, but surely in modern day
fashion terminology, the combination of wedge + sneaker = weaker.

Hidden wedges are the new Uggs  – and there’s only one place for them…

Dustbin from Made In Design.

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25 thoughts on “Fashion bin: the hidden wedge

  1. Miaow!!! 🙂 Though I have to agree, sometimes it seems like a blessing in disguise that a) I can't afford every trend and b) I simply don't care enough to follow them all. Have a good week and stay warm xo

  2. My feet hurt just looking at those.

    May I nominate oxfords (you may know them as brogues), not to be worn by Women of a Certain Age? I've tried them all— studded, lacey, in bright colors or exotic skins— they still look like old lady shoes.

  3. When I first loaded your page and saw those shoes I thought "oh no, there's got to me something wrong with me because they are so ugly but this fashionable blogger is posting about them." What a relief to know you think they are ugly. Phew!!!!!

  4. Those boots look like something you have to wear after some kind of accident = healing shoes.
    The price is horrible. I. Marant stuff is highly overpriced, and they are made in cheap labour countries, ugh.

  5. Love it! I'm trying to think of things that need stuffing in the bin now! I would like to say Fit Flops and crocs because there is no need for the uggliness of them, despite any of the potential health benefits from them. I'm just not convinced. xx

  6. Mater, mine are lighter weight looking and have less of a wedge than most. I wear them with skinny jeans, a slouchy sweater, or a slouchy tee shirt and blazer. Sort of an alternative to short boots with jeans.
    I confess to wearing Uggs as well.

  7. I actually loved these when every fashionista was wearing them….and then when they hit River Island I though "oh no" and agree, something made me not buy them- so glad they are out!

  8. I agreed with you until a few days ago but suddenly i'm starting to like them – check out my post about them -

  9. Kathy – I did originally like the Isabel Marant boots, I'm just a bit bored with all the cheap copies!

    Michelle – I love a classic Oxford/brogue, so can't possible throw them in the Fashion Bin. Any other suggestions?

  10. I bought a pair from River Island in black, with a very low wedge, but even so, have worn them exactly 0 times. It was definite, 'what was I thinking' moment. I will stick to my loafers, brogues and Chelsea boots from now on. I don't like to feel ostracised from every trend at 41, but frankly, the youngsters can keep them!

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