Saskia de Brauw at Mugler FW2015
Saskia de Brauw at Mugler FW2015. Photo: gastrochic

For a while, Russell Brand’s comedy-lothario-look put me off the skinny scarf. But thanks largely to Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent Paris, this handy accessory has regained it’s chic appeal. Feeling slightly under dressed on my way to a fashion show recently, I perked up a normcore jacket and jeans with a slim, pink paisley silk scarf from Paul Smith. Chucked a pair of vintage, high heeled Mary Jane shoes in my bag and headed for the show. Just around the corner from the venue, I found a quiet spot, slipped the three-and-a-half-inch heels on and made my way through the melée of photographers like an ‘Ooh you are awful’-era Dick Emery (now there’s a different kind of comedy-look). I’ve never been able to walk properly in high heels and immediately realised my mistake; so as soon as I reached my seat, the trainers went straight back on.

The skinny scarf stayed put, though; knotted to one side, like so:

Elin Kling-street-style
Elin Klin photo:
Alexa Chung photo:

I also like to wear it wrapped around the neck once with the two ends hanging down – or loosely tied at the front (as top photo). The slinky scarf goes with everything: jackets, dresses, silk blouses, t-shirts. And for sub-Saint Laurent Paris priced neckwear check out British label Rockins. (Kate Moss is a fan; see below).

Here’s the skinny:

12 thoughts on “It’s all about the skinny scarf

  1. I’ve just bought the fringed leopard print one from ASOS and also a graphic printed black and white silk one. I’ve already worn them loads. Just love my scarves for adding a bit of of pizazz!

  2. I have had the ASOS leopard print scarf on my wishlist for about a month. It’s so reasonable I was worried about how poor the quality of the silk would be. Amanda you have it on your skinny list, so I think I can dare to part with AUD$26. Yvonne

    1. Yes Yvonne, I was wondering about the quality of the silk, too. I haven’ actually seen the ASOS scarf so please would you let me know what you think of it? Many thanks, Alyson

  3. No! It is the scarf version of passive-aggressive. Is it a tie, are you being all cool and androgynous? No. Is it a scarf, are you being stylish and cosy? No. It is the muffler version of the shrug. And do not start me on that piece of nonsense.

  4. I love this trend for so many reasons. Mostly because I just had a picture taken of my neck. What a great way to “adorn” it. I’m rushing out into the streets of New York to buy.

  5. I’m just not feeling this one. I have enough trouble dealing with the myriad complexities of “normal” scarves, without adding a whole new layer of challenges!

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