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Verde Visconti: Italian aristo and PR

‘“Ageless” is a key word that identifies the women of today,’ says Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, ‘Together they compose the mosaic of the new femininity, a way of being beyond appearances. Women who are strong, sure of themselves, talented, enterprising. On their faces, the glow of youth is replaced by the splendour of maturity, in terms of age of course but also character.’

I love the idea of the ‘splendour of maturity,’ and as I’m away for a few days with practically my entire family, I’m trying to embrace the phenomenon (instead of reverting to petulant teenager). Fortunately, I finally got my hands on a copy of Italian Vogue’s ‘Life’ issue, featuring women of all ages, beautifully put together by Sozzani & Co. Ageless style issues usually include one picture of an older model tucked away somewhere towards the back of the magazine, but this is different. There are pages and pages of inspirational women:

China Machado photo: Bruce Weber
Alba Clemente & Marleine Bastien by Bruce Weber

‘There is beauty in every age, every face, every life,’ Sozzani blogged in a #LoveYourAge post, ‘Ageless is the theme portrayed through shoots by Steven Meisel, Michel Comte and Bruce Weber who photographed women of every age, with a unique charm thanks to their wrinkles, their life experiences and personality.’

Erm, call me devil’s advocate but – even though I know from my own experience on magazines that you do tend to stick to favourite teams of professionals for photoshoots – I still think a female photographer with wrinkles and experience would’ve been a good move…

Anyhow. As I mentioned, I’m away for a few days and need to stop sneaking off to my bedroom for an anti-social media fix, embrace the splendour of maturity and spend some time with my family. So, I’m taking a blogging break for a week. It’s not a total digital detox; The Telegraph has just named me as one of  the ‘ Coolest over-50s on Instagram‘ and I’m dead chuffed about that. Follow my grownup moodboard HERE.


Love Your Age,


14 thoughts on “Why I’m loving (and acting) my age this week

  1. Am in Italy, will try & get my hands on a copy. Those words are so powerful, I need to put them somewhere visible. Glad the ‘cool’ secret is out!

  2. Thank you for the last comment about hiring women for their team. I see this over and over – women’s mags will spout the pro-female but only support it in the images shown. In their contributors lists almost all of the photogs are guys and the writers more often are female. It’s a split that has always bothered me because, despite taking a pro-female stance, we’re still being viewed through a male gaze.

    THESE PHOTOS are beautiful…….then again look who took them!
    Good for you a little down time…………….

  4. My Dear AW,
    I find anongst your British papers, the Telegraph usually gets it Right as they did here…your Guardian often could use a little GSL enlightenment…your fine contributions notwithstanding.

  5. Yes, thank you so much Alyson for making the point about women invariably being photographed by ‘great’ men. I find it patronising – the discourse on fabulous older women (with wrinkles and everything!) being dominated so often by male photographers and male documentary film makers and male authors. As Noelle said above, it would be a relief to be presented other than through the male gaze.

  6. Beautiful images – and beautiful first paragraph. I like the concept of ‘splendour of maturity’, it’s too rare to find any publication write in a positive tone about age.
    PS: Followed on instagram!

  7. ¨I still think a female photographer with wrinkles and experience would’ve been a good move…¨- couldn’t agree more!!! It also bugged me when M & S did their campaign with British’s leading ladies , yet used an American photographer….

    Thank you for making the point….

  8. I love this blog and everything about it but for all its advocating of embracing the ageing process, I see very few photos of older ‘stylish’ women who aren’t rake thin. Most women don’t’ look like that in their youth let alone in their middle-age and on…

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