I like Lulu Kennedy. A lot. And think that M&S are clever to collaborate with her. After standing in a field with Emma Thompson, Annie Lennox and all the other Leading Ladies, the founder of Fashion East has come indoors to create a range for M&S’ Indigo Collection. Kennedy has an MBE for services to British style and made her name nurturing young designers like Jonathan Saunders, Roksanda and Holly Fulton. The 45-year-old former raver brings an element of East London (via Ibiza) cool to M&S and this collection is influenced by travel and holidays in Mexico. I’m not big on boho, or patchwork denim and Indigo’s spin on casual wear is not really my thing. But I am always on the look out for new ways to wear denim and this washed out, pure cotton jumper  caught my eye. Reminds me of knitwear label Artwork, now, who remembers them?


Lulu Kennedy jumper C_90Washed look jumper, available HERE.

7 thoughts on “M&S loves Lulu Kennedy

  1. If only M&S would go back to “the old days” when quality was part of their signature!
    If they stopped mass production of rubbishy un-stylish clothes and concentrated on stylish basics.
    And when they were out of stock – they were out of stock!

    For too long they have resembled a badly performing so called up market Primark!

  2. GSL loves Lulu Kennedy now too! Thanks for the intro and a glance at her wiki bio has me wishing to see what other treasures “The Hippie Trail” (WTF?) has produced. FAB Outfit!!!

  3. I went to have a look at a white smocky top I saw in a mag in her range, only yesrurday but it was a bit dissappointing up close, the fabric felt a bit synthetic!!x

  4. Marks and Sparks is no longer a stalwart of British quality. Cheap fabrics, badly made at higher than necessary prices. I mourn the demise of M&S – it has lost direction and churns out confused clothing season after season. If I find something (rare) that I like the look of often the cheap fabric lets it down. Nowadays they seem to worship at the temple of acrylic/polyester. I think that eventually M&S will go the way of another tradition – Woolworths.

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