I like what M&S are doing at the moment. Last week they enlisted Hilary Alexander as the new brand ambassador for Per Una, which in my opinion is a very canny move. This week, the latest issue of M&S magazine is out and the new ‘Perfectly’ collection of pared-down, easy pieces is introduced with a feature on how to achieve Style Confidence by another esteemed fashion expert: yours truly. As you can see, I also interviewed a couple of fashion pals: Navaz Batliwalla author of the acclaimed fashion & style blog Disneyrollergirl and journalist and academic Brenda Polan. If your eyesight is better than mine, you’ll be able to figure out our ‘secrets to feeling stylishly in control’ from the pages I’ve scanned in. If not, get down to M&S over the next few days and grab yourself a copy.

Now. Have you spotted the utterly gorgeous Cecilia Chancellor modelling in the ‘Perfectly’ campaign?  Along with Amber Valetta she was one of my favourite models of the late eighties and nineties.  I used to love seeing Chancellor in Elle magazine – the combination of that beautiful English Rose complexion and her tomboy style always appealed:

Photos: Elle magazine.

And here’s another picture from i-D magazine.

Chancellor is 46-years-old. Using grown-up models is another good move by M&S, don’t you think?

18 thoughts on “Style Confidence & Cecilia Chancellor.

  1. Brilliant moves by M and S … great that the have Hilary Alexander on board to wave a magic wand and get rid of the frills hopefully on fuddy duddy per una too! And of course good move to have you writing for them! I will get myself down to my local store to pick up a magazine as soon as possible. Congratulations! S x

  2. Great article and very true.
    Right now I have teenage daughters to keep me from getting dowdy- they are very good at that. Also good to steal accessories from! They go for the trendy, I can dabble without having to brave the trendy shops. (All I have to do is provide the $$ to purchase….always a trade off.)
    And yes, grown up models are a VERY good idea. Now if only they would quit airbrushing them.

  3. I do think their marketing and advertising has greatly improved. I wish the stores would do the same whenever I go in there I am simply overwhelmed by too much choice and it all looks a bit messy.

  4. Thank you, thank you! The featured article with you talking about style captured my sentiment exactly regarding the "what I'm wearing" posts. Aside from hating to be photographed, I couldn't quite figure out why I have been so reluctant to do it, but you nailed it. My wardrobe is boring, and that's a good thing! At least that is now settled in my head. Now I can work on everything else.

  5. It is indeed a swift move, and none too soon. now they need to wok on getting their inventory up to par. If they could just focus on quality a little more and try and do for their clothing what they did for their food halls, we would have a winner. I was just in M&S in Stirling yesterday, and left nearly suicidal bur for all the dreary offerings. Lets hope change is swift!

  6. ooh I need to get my hands on a copy, my mum will be well impressed! Never thought I would appear on the same pages as Cecelia Chancellor…

    Now, when is M&S going to get you in to consult on the product?

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