Don’t you just love finding new style inspiration? I was dead chuffed this week when one of my pals (someone I have actually met and empathized with in the real world) sent me a photo of Costanza Pascolato via Twitter. Having moaned about the tyranny of technology in my last post, I’d like to celebrate its benefits today. Oh the joy of online research – all you need to know, just a click away. Well, almost. So thanks to t’internet, I’ve now found another fashion VIP. The wonderful 72-year-old, Italian-born contributor to Vogue Brazil. A front row regular, who styles H.Stern’s campaigns and has worked with the jeweller for over 20 years:

Read all about her on the Australian Vogue website.

Scott Schuman says, ‘She has an incredible way of maintaining a consistent personal style, while updating her look each season.’

Italians love real fur. Photo: Sartorialist

To me, this fashion-conscious freelancer has obviously spent time curating a wardrobe of simple, elegant, well-cut pieces from top-notch designers over the decades. And can accessorize like a demon. Rarely spotted without her trademark sunglasses, coiffed hair and stunning jewellery, Costanza Pascolato has confidence and timeless style by the Louis Vuitton (monogrammed) bucket bag load.

The most elegant two-fingered salute, ever.

And talking of technology, I’ll be adding her to my new Pinterest ‘Grown-up Style Icons’ storyboard immediately. How dangerous is this online scrapbook? Blimey, it’s like virtual crack. After vowing to stay un-Pinterested for the last few months, I am now well and truly hooked. So you can guess what I’ll be doing this weekend. Perhaps, ahem, you’d like to follow me…

Oh and there was a really good feature on ‘growing up gracefully’ by Lisa Armstrong in the Telegraph this week. You can read it here.

Australian Vogue
The Sartorialist

13 thoughts on “Style Icon: Costanza Pascolato

  1. I'd seen the occasional picture of her, but didn't know who she was. She does the "moneyed elegance" look in a way that's appealing rather than off-putting. I see she's also a fan of those Valentino shoes.

  2. Yes, that Pinterest is addicting. I just "followed" you.
    She's so elegant, although I've always been bothered by sunglasses indoors. But she looks wonderful and love her Italian style – getting a burned out on the "only the French have style" concept.

  3. I like her short coat, the furs and the big ring.
    I could accept those for myself too.
    I´d better stay away from that Pinterest. I get addicted so easily.
    Could I only take a peek; )?

  4. Thank you for sharing such a style icon…just added her to my muse board….completely agree with the addictiveness of Pinterest! They should have a an intervention hotline…sometimes I want to call out for help…but right after the next photo 🙂

  5. I adore her look. I suspect there's been a bit of work done …. But the style is bang on beautiful chic. Not so often you find nicely done brunette colouring at 72.

  6. I love her glasses and bright smile. Not a big fan of the fur because i love animals and don`t think that they deserve to die just because of human fancy to wear their skin. But she looks like a stylish woman other than that.


  7. Deja Pseu – yes, she's not too ostentatious & reminds me a bit of Lee Radziwill.

    L'age moyen – I think you're right about the work. I don't know I'm letting my standards slip, cosmetic surgery and real fur all in one blog post. Tsk, tsk…

  8. I love Scott Schuman's quote 'She has an incredible way of maintaining a consistent personal style, while updating her look each season.' – I think that is the mark of a truly stylish woman. I've been following you on Pinterest for a short while now and noticed your activity was increasing…so much social media, so little time:)

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