Model wears two Party Necklaces. How very decadent.

Let’s talk about embellishment. Bejewelled coats, dresses and handbags were all over the catwalks like Boris Johnson supporters at the Tory Party conference. And we know how we feel about that. With adornment as with Borismania, a little goes a long way.

As a fan of Casual Glamour, I love to liven up a pared-down outfit with a small sprinkling of glitz.Which is why I’ve added this Boden party necklace to my repertoire. I wore it today with my favourite grey sweatshirt and received quite a few compliments, don’t you know. Anyone who remembers the Art Of The Trench experience (people, that photo still haunts me) will have clocked my Liz Taylor earrings in all their cheap, spangly glory. OK, so I’m not the first to use eye-catching accessories to help crank up the glamour factor, Coco Chanel famously wore costume jewellery with sporty separates for a relaxed daytime stroll along the French Riviera – and today, Jenna Lyons has got that high-low look down to a tee. As Lyons told The Times last year, ‘It works best to mix both sides of the closet…I try to think
of ways for women to get dressed in an outfit that will work in an
office as well as for going out to dinner in the evening.’

Are you a fan of Casual Glamour/Boris Johnson?

14 thoughts on “The Party Necklace

  1. Cool necklace. Your earrings in the "trench" ensemble have inspired me to want to add a bit of sparkle to my everyday ensembles. Chandelier earrings, brooches, necklaces…they're all on my radar now.

  2. Love that necklace! I was trying to find something like it for an event tomorrow (!!!!!!!!!) evening – too late now 🙁 I'm definitely a fan of casual glamour, really have to draw the line at BJ though – let's face it, he's neither casual nor glamorous… 😉

  3. you know i'm a fan of it on other people, just not me. i was just over at atlantic-pacific blog and she partnered with a co. that makes big statement jewelry and i could never wear it. it's really pretty but i would look and feel ridiculous in it.

  4. I think that I have passed the party jewelry times.
    Yes, people like those and I like Marni´s necklaces too.
    Right now, I only wish to wear the " real stuff ", and if I don´t have anything, it´s ok.
    Ok on others, this is just me and my quirks.

  5. Love a bit of casual glamour… And if it was good enough for Coco, it's good enough for us too… Love your camouflage print pic from previous post – you look fabulous – a great look… Can never get enough of all things khaki. Have a good weekend. x

  6. I like the party necklace…I am a fan of these if they are cool, make a statement but don't cross over into that look that Chico's sometimes makes a bit cheesy. Great article – thanks! (Oh, and I liked your trench pic!)

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