Forget Glastonbury, this is my kind of festival. No mud, no tents and home to clean sheets every night. Thankfully there’s not a pair of cut-off denim shorts in sight at London’s Southbank Centre (though apparently Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe will be rocking up on Sunday!) Just a superior type of festival chic. With a nostalgia for the forties and fifties, guests are decked out in the most amazing traditional garb. The Vintage Festival has a lovely friendly atmosphere, fashion shows, live music and a variety of workshops including dance classes, hair and beauty salons and dressmaking sessions.

And it’s worth popping into the Museum of 51 too. Designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, there’s a fabulous collection of posters, photos and original fifties furniture:

I enjoyed it so much, I’m going back again today. Only this time I’ll be wearing a dress!

Vintage Festival is on 29 – 31 July 2011 at the Southbank Centre.

16 thoughts on “Vintage Festival

  1. What a civilised wellies, mosh pits or portaloos.
    We've got The Home Of Metal festival running here all summer. I'm off to admire Judas Priest's leather jackets on Tuesday. x

  2. Went today, it was fab! Love your photos, too, especially the first. Hope you will be posting more of people in their gorgeous oufits!

  3. I have actually never attended festivals of any type, so I don´t know if I have missed anything or not.
    The one you write about, seems decent. But unluckily the vintage, especially 50-60´s, is not to my liking at all. Perhaps the time after WW2 was not a merry time for Finland, as we payed all our war debts, everything had to be started from scratch and we were so under the mighty USSR.
    P.S. I hope not to sound a downer..

  4. Wilderness Chic – I'm going to persevere with The Hour but not feeling it at the moment. Mad Men is superb and so very hard to beat.

    Metscan – No you're not putting a downer on the festival and I always admire your honesty. Things were tough in England after the war (though obviously nothing like Finland) and that's why they organised the original Festival of Britain, as a kind of post-war celebration and a way to help regenerate London.

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