Like men with pony tails and Victoria Beckham, white jeans have definite opinion-splitting properties. And though That’s Not My Age has been championing coloured jeans of late, when it comes to summer, I’m a sucker for white. Living in London, I realise this isn’t the most practical of fashion options – a single journey on the Tube and I look like I’ve been rolling in the gutter – so the rule has to be, one wear, one wash. Which reminds me, I still haven’t decided whether to vote yes or no to AV on Thursday. Do I want a crappy concession to Proportional Representation, or is it best to stick to old-school politics? If you know the answer to this question, please let me know! Anyhow. Let’s get back to a more important issue: white jeans.

Something happened over the weekend that shifted the emphasis from classy to declassé:

I know, I know, Pippa Middleton has a cracking arse with it’s own Facebook page and yes, the neutral handbag and Tory Burch pumps look nice, but to me, the blue blazer and white trousers combo says The Only Way is Sloane Square. What’s the difference between the most eligible woman in Berkshire and Shane Warne’s latest conquest?

When it comes to white denim a relaxed approach is best. That’s Not My Age recommends: a looser straight-leg shape or a flare (I have both) over a skinny-fit, flat summer sandals and a simple cotton shirt/knitted top over Fake Bake and a shaggy hair-do. Actually, come to think of it fake tan and white denim is a lethal combination – Liz Hurley must be a one wear, new pair kinda girl. But it doesn’t have to be like that. This photograph of Lee Radziwill epitomizes timeless style:

And soon-to-wed Kate Moss knows how to do easy chic:

One of my friends asked if it’s true you have to spend more on white jeans (?) To which the answer is – unless you’re Liz Hurley – no. My five-year-old Gap flares are still going strong, though I’ve noticed a high-waisted version that would make a neat update and I bought my other straight-leg Acne jeans in the sale. My only advice is to avoid chocolate, red wine and spray tan.

So, white jeans: classy or trashy. What do you think?

22 thoughts on “White jeans: classy or trashy?

  1. I love them on other girls, but not sure I could pull the look off with curvy hips and thighs. One for the skinny minnies amongst us i think.

  2. Hi there-I love white jeans, am still on the look out for a perfect pair though. Love Kate Moss and Lee's outfits, classy and stylish for sure.

  3. They can definitely be very classy, if it's relaxed, neutral and effortless-looking! But, like Rubyrhino, I have curvy hips and thighs and I feel the look probably suits the more svelte among us!

  4. White jeans is probably one of the hardest things to pull off, EVER. I have barely seen anyone else than Elin Kling pull it off so I'm saying trashy. I prefer a pair of flared trousers instead of jeans if you want to wear white.

  5. Oh I love my white jeans and usually Oasis do a great Scarlet version every summer if you want to mind the pennies.

    I do think they can be both classy and trashy – I'm partial to a bit of both!

  6. I like white jeans. Although I own a pair I cant remember when I last wore them. Dont think it was last summer. Thursday is a No vote for me, there was an old clip of
    Auf Wiedersehen, Pet on telly the other day where they voted for something using AV. They were voting on what colour to paint their hut I think – no one wanted yellow but because the vote was counted using AV this was the colour that won. Says it all I think. Xxxx

  7. Hmmm, unless you're Baby dancing up the steps to Patrick Swayze's cabin, I think trashy. And talking of which, after hearing Cameron's outrageous hectoring of JH on Today, I feel minded to vote for AV out of spite.

  8. I love white jeans but definitely depends on how you wear them whether they're classy/trashy. They're not entirely suited to a life with offspring and animals, but that doesn't stop me …

  9. I can't do white jeans–dunno why. I think about it–try a pair and then can't do it. My mom wears them all summer and she looks like Jackie O. They can go either way, classy or trashy, with just a thread…

  10. Huh? I always thought they were a classic look. Of course, anything can be worn poorly, but the jeans themselves seem pretty timeless to me.

  11. Fashionistable – that's hilarious, maybe David Cameron will be quoting Auf Wiedersehen Pet next?

    myfriendshouse – I heard that and thought he made a bit of an idiot of himself (again!)

    LPC & fashionoverfifty – I wish my mother wore white jeans! She prefers slacks with an elasticated waist.

    Cameron – is it really you?

  12. Giving white jeans a go again for the first time in years.

    Re; AV, I thought no, but now, after listening to the arguments I think yes. I wish I could have a conversation with someone who could answer my questions…fingers crossed.

  13. I don't own a pair ,yet but to me it's a difficult piece to shop.It mostly has to do with the fabric.It has to br thick enough for obvious reasons and still thin enough to be worn in warm weather.And also fit.Go figure!

  14. I like the white jean look but they make my storage units (aka thighs) look larger. I do love that look though and am in the market for a pair of trouser type linen pants. The kicker is finding a pair that have adequate lining! I tried a pair on yesterday and all I could see what the pocket linings and my granny pants!

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