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Being an advocate of Gentlewoman Style and faff-free dressing, the trouser suit’s on-going popularity doesn’t half please me. From Dietrich to Denueve, Hepburn to Huston (Katherine and Anjelica), some of my favourite women of style and substance just happen to be trouser suit enthusiasts, too. As a youngster, I can remember thinking I was the bee’s knees in a brown two-piece with big lapels at Butlin’s Holiday camp. It was the 1970s… And, during my fashion editor period, I invested in a beautiful Margaret Howell lightweight wool check trouser suit, that I still have today. This season’s shape-shifting has given tailoring a looser, less buttoned-up feel, meaning that my Margaret Howell suit with its shorter, fitted jacket and tapered trouser is not quite the right silhouette. Nevertheless, it’s a beauty and a keeper, just as long as I can keep the moths at bay.

So. In the latest Know Your Seasonal Style I thought I’d give the trouser suit another try. This is the Winser London Lauren Boyfriend Blazer and the Lauren wide leg trouser, the jacket is double-breasted and the trousers are in a satin backed crepe with a tuxedo stripe. Though I tend to shy away from colour, the most popular pants suits this season come in Crayola brights and sugar-coated pastels. Cate Blanchett wore pale pink and primrose yellow trouser suits at Cannes 2018, where she was the 12th female jury president.  And there’s the thing. Now that women have finally chipped away at the glass ceiling, we no longer need to rely on power dressing to emulate our male counterparts, we can dress to please ourselves.

Style notes: The ‘paint splash’ sneakers are by Georgina Goodman, new collection launching in June (for enquiries please contact: ). The silk blouse is by Rixo (similar HERE and more styles HERE). The ring is from Badger’s Velvet. And I’ve just realised that everything I’m wearing here was designed by a woman.


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11 thoughts on “Know Your Seasonal Style: The Trouser Suit

  1. I love a trouser suit… or pant suit… for my casual retirement life. I used to wear them to meetings and presentations when I worked.. now, like you, I love them with sneakers. And a tee shirt. I have a Max Mara suit with wide-leg pants and a longer jacket, bought in 2002, that I am currently rehabilitating. New life for our old clothes:)

  2. Alyson, the suit suits (??) you to absolute perfection and you look so comfortable and at ease. Hope you bought it following the shoot!

  3. I love a black trouser suit – I had a crepe one from French Connection back in the early 90s when I was just starting out at work – I lived in it and have never found a cut to match it actually. And a word on Georgina Goodman – I bought some slides after I saw yours and I’ve pre-ordered some sneakers – I love her shoes so thank you!

  4. Another beautiful portrait. I like the white soles of the sneakers picking up the edges of the panels. Another flattering photograph in which you look chic and comfortable.
    Back in the day I used to wear many trouser suits. My first one in my teens was a Foale and Tuffin khaki flannel with wraparound jacket with tie belt and big lapels. Wish I still had it. Then I moved on in 90s to Jaeger black wool crepe collarless jacket worn with white satin shirt and a beautiful Prince of Wales fitted jacket with flared trousers and a grey ribbed wool. The checked one was then worn on its own, the others loaned to a close friend for job interviews and important gigs where she had to look good and never returned. My best late nineties suits all came from Jaeger in beautiful Italian fabrics and fit really well.
    I have none now. And no occasion for this type of clothing nor the budget to buy a lovely well fitting suit. But they always look chic and remind me of how I dressed at a certain point in time.

  5. Oh Sue Burpee! I bet we have the same Max Mara trouser suit!! I bought mine also in 2002 and since I have worn it perhaps 5 times it is pristine. I love Alyson’s blouse and may have to get something similar. I always wore mine sans anything under it but now that I am in my 70’s perhaps that is not appropriate….Lol! And I am just not the camisole type. A deep V blouse would be nice. Thanks Alyson for reminding me to wear my fabulous suit.

  6. Like the suit however, the pants are too long. They are going to drag on the floor damaging the fabric. I think a different sneaker choice — white Supergas.

  7. I’m such a pantsuit fan! Always have been, always will be.

    And I love this loose fit you’ve chosen. Makes me think my own suiting choices of late (sometimes they’re a black jeans and a black blazer) are too tight to look current.

    Great look on you, Alyson. It’d be a great look on me, too 🙂

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